Bamboo Baby Wipes Faq's




We are looking forward to helping you out with a possible information provided to you on our product "Kolan Baby Wipes". Before reaching us out, please check the listed frequently asked questions. We have provided you the answers to your commonly asked questions. You can get all your questions clarified that you might seek.

  • What are Kolan Baby Wipe made of?
    • Kolan Baby Wipes are 100% biodegradable & eco-friendly wipes made of 100% natural bamboo fiber with Olive Oil, Aloe-Vera and Jojoba Oil which nourishes and moisturizes your baby’s skin deeply while providing a safe and hygienic cleaning and can also be used regularly by adults for personal care & hygiene.

  • What ingredients do we choose for making Baby Wipes?
    • Kolan carefully chooses each wipes component based on both its safety profile and excellent efficacy in helping keep baby’s skin dry and healthy. At each stage of development, we evaluate and assess every ingredient to deem it safe before it comes in contact with your baby’s skin. We only use ingredients that have been confirmed to be safe for baby.

  • Is Kolan Baby Wipes are Parabens free?
    • Yes, it is fully Paraben free.

  • Is there alcohol in the Kolan Baby Wipes?
    • No, there is no Alcohol in Kolan Baby Wipes. 

  • Can I use Baby Wipes to wipe my baby’s face & mouth?
    • Baby Wipes are recommended for use on baby’s bottom which is the most delicate body part, and they are also safe to wipe on baby’s bodies and face.  However, to wipe your baby’s mouth and hands after feeding, we recommend our Hand and Mouth Wipes, which contains 100% food grade ingredients.

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