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Kolan Organic Home Cleaners

Why Kolan ?

We at Kolan are continually working to bring natural, organic, effective and environmentally positive daily consumption products to our fellow Indians. In this endeavour, Kolan presents nature's toughest cleaner -THE POWER OF THE ENZYME. The magic of our organic plant-based multi-enzyme formula provides the SAFEST, most HYGIENIC and most effective daily cleaning solution for your complete household. the unique multienzyme formula derived and perfected in Newzealand brings together various categories of enzymes in a perfect blend which allows a single application to work effectively and destroy all types of organic stains and odours at source thus keeping your home hygienic and safe for your family and pets.

Kolan Organic Multi Enzymes
Sustainable source as enzymes are provided by nature and are inexhaustible.
Reduces carbon footprint.
Destroys organic matter at source and eradicates it.
Uses no caustic and harmful chemicals.
Provides long lasting hygiene as the enzymes keep functioning till about 24 hours of application.
Destroys biofilm from source as enzymes consumes & destroy biofilm thus eradicating & destroing breeding ground for all harmful bacteria,viruses & germs.
Is eco positive as the enzymes keep working when discharged down the drains thus in effect improving quality of ground water. Totally biodegradable
Completely safe for all humans, babies and pets. Ph neutral and non toxic.
Non flammable, Non abrasive, Non corrosive, phosphates free.
Soap free –leaves no residue and no streaks
No artifical fragrance
Regular Household Cleaners
Laboratory Chemicals. Non Sustainable And Processed.
Increases Carbon Footprint.
Just Shifts Dirt And Grime From One Position To Another. Does Not Destroy Them.
Can Be Caustic And Harmful.
Provides Short Term Superficial Cleaning As The Dirt Is Replaced By Chemicals Which Are More Harmful.
Cleans superficially,Creating Bio Film Thus Providing Optimal Conditions For Harmful Bacteria And Viruses To Flourish.
Is Eco Negative As The Chemicals Degrade And Harm The Quality Of Ground Water And Soil. Non Biodegradable.
Can Be Toxic To Humans, Is Unsafe For Babies And Pets.
Is Toxic Abrasive, Corrosive And Alkaline.
Contains Soap.
Needs Artifical Fragrance To Mask The Odour.


" Improving the quality of your life while remaining socially and environmentally responsible "


eco-friendly wipes Kolan multi-enzyme formula works effectively and efficiently to destroy and eradicate all organic stains at source including odour and harmful germs and bacteria.


eco-friendly wipes
  • For Humans, Babies and Pets:
    When we clean our home with chemicals like ammonia, phosphate, chlorine and bleach, the toxic fumes are inhaled by us, our kids and pets. Exposure to such chemicals can cause allergies and respiratory problems and also impact their immune and neurological development. Kolan’s ph neutral, chemical free, non-toxic cleaners, provide a safe and hygienic solution for all our home cleaning needs as our kids and pets play around on the floor you just cleaned protecting them from disease-carrying Bacteria, Viruses and germs.
  • For planet:
    Being 100% Biodegradable and natural, Kolan Plant Based enzyme formula is totally safe for our environment It doesn’t harm the flora and fauna when released out, unlike chemical-laden cleaners instead it keeps working when discharged down the drain, where it continues to break down grease and grime, improving the quality of groundwater. Its eco-positive and has a negligible carbon footprint
  • Safe for all surfaces:
    It ’s non-corrosive, the non-abrasive formula is safe to clean all household surfaces and appliances.Kolanos soap-free formula leaves no residue and does not streak any surface.

    eco-friendly wipes
  • Kolan organic multi-enzyme formula helps destroys and eradicate odour at the source, while providing long-lasting hygiene as the enzymes keep working their magic for up to 24 hrs after application.

    eco-friendly wipes
  • Kolan India is aware of its environmental responsibility, hence we are committed to bringing in only products which are totally biodegradable and safe for our environment. Also as our social contribution, a part of the sale of kolan cleaning products will be going to help fund plantation of trees, increase environmental awareness and encourage and motivate each citizen to contribute positively to our immediate environment.

    eco-friendly wipes
  • Kolan multi-enzyme formula comes in an ergonomically designed bottle with easy spray attached enabling it to reach all nooks and crannies and difficult to reach places in our homes, providing deeper cleaning. As the enzymes continue to work even hours later, it makes the cleaning job less tedious and very easy and convenient.
  • Bio-Film ” The Invisible Hazard”

    eco-friendly wipes
  • Bio-Film is a dense layer of fine film made of oil, grease, germs, Dirt, dust, etc and is bonded with each other and the surface with amino acids and fatty acids. It is a breeding ground for pathogens mostly Bacteria. An enzyme in Kolan cleaner consumes and destroys this bio-film at source thus eradicating and destroying breeding ground for harmful bacteria to survive and multiply, unlike all regular cleaners which only cleans superficially
  • How do Enzymes actually work??

    eco-friendly wipes
  • An enzyme is simply a protein, composed of hundreds of amino acid, which act as biological catalysts and accelerates any biochemical reaction by thousands of times. They are produced by all natural things and are completely safe for all humans, babies and pets. Enzymes are very specific in nature and each type of enzyme works on a specific molecule only. The “MAGIC” comes from the fact that our unique multi-enzyme formula, developed in New Zealand, allows various enzymes(like -Proteases, Amylases, Lipases, Cellulases) to coexist and work together to provide a single solution to all organic cleaning needs and destroying all stains and odour at the source. . It provides a complete and hygiene cleaning solution by eliminating the need for harmful caustic chemicals found in common household cleaners.
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