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Spreading Smiles For A Cause

Instead of that being waking up to the fact of changing the lives of those who are in need is one of the prime concerns for all the Entrepreneurs and all class of businesses in India. We all have to cater social responsibility, and Kolan India is doing the same by collaborating with Smile Foundation.

In fact, Kolan is a brand who is producing environment-friendly products with a social message in order to consider alternative means of raising awareness about the growing levels pollution in India. Apart from that, it is actively involved in undertaking social welfare initiative for girl child education and to empower them, this is because Kolan has an ideology that girls education is the best investment that any society can make. It focuses on improving the conditions by which girls, especially those in the marginalized communities can access quality education.

If we contribute towards the education of girl child then they can become capable of gaining control over their own, their families and communities' nutrition, health and wellbeing as well as they will contribute to our economy. That is why Kolan India has joined hands with Smile Foundation to bring sustainable change in our society and make every girl child educated.

Smile Foundation is 15 years old NGO catering our Indian society in numerous ways. Moreover, being attached to smile foundation means to be on a mission of empowering girl children and as being a part of the society, it is our duty to bring natural smiles on the faces of unprivileged children.

Being concerned citizens of India, we must do something about it, something that should be meaningful, something that should be concrete, and something urgently to cope up the basic problems expeditiously. We never know how a small initiative can change thousands of lives.

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